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Student With Face Mask


Challenging cruel and illegal mask mandates in court.

On September 21, 2021 we filed lawsuits against the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), 14 school districts, and one city (Cambridge, MA).

​The lawsuits challenge DESE’s and districts’ unlawful overreach. Education commissioner Jeffrey C. Riley openly stated that masks are a tool to coerce COVID vaccinations in children. These are  dangerous and authoritarian positions that must be challenged to keep children safe. 

​You can support the cause by donating to our general fund or to an individual school district to help fund its portion of the lawsuits.


Read more about our lawsuits below.

The approach

We seek immediate relief from DESE and the school districts on the basis that they have overstepped their authority in mandating masks for children.


We argue that mask mandates are:

  • An illegal overreach

  • Unscientific

  • Do not stop the spread COVID-19

  • Harmful to children

  • Infringe on parental rights

Read the complaints

You can read the filed complaints and recent appeal brief below. We will provide frequent updates as the cases progress.

Who exactly is involved?

We are targeting the state department of education plus fourteen school districts and one city. We hope to set a precedent that will force school districts across Massachusetts to voluntarily rescind their mask mandate.

Please note, districts were grouped into three different lawsuits based on specific criteria. At least one district needs to exist in the county to allow us to file our complaint with the Superior Court for that specific county. 

Complaint #1 filed in Bristol County

  • Andover Public School District

  • Attleboro Public School District

  • Easton Public School District

  • Sandwich Public School District


Complaint #2 filed in Norfolk County

  • Cambridge Public School District

  • City of Cambridge

  • Franklin Public School District

  • Northborough Public School District

  • Southborough Public School District

  • Northborough-Southborough Regional Public School District

  • Tyngsborough Public School District


Complaint #3 filed Plymouth County

  • Bridgewater-Raynham Public School District

  • Carver Public School District

  • Hingham Public School District

  • West Bridgewater Public School District




School districts that have reached out for assistance


School districts involved in our litigation efforts


Lawsuits filed

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