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Complaint Filed Against School Vaccine Mandates in Massachusetts

On February 16, 2022, we filed a lawsuit against the Belmont and Cambridge school districts.

​The lawsuit challenges the districts’ unlawful overreach and lack of authority to mandate irreversible, experimental medical treatments with no long-term studies for children to participate in school sports and extracurricular activities. These are dangerous and authoritarian positions we must challenge to keep children safe.

The Approach

​We seek immediate relief from the Belmont and Cambridge school districts on the basis that they have overstepped their authority in mandating irreversible, experimental medical treatments for children.

Our complaint makes the case that:

  • The Districts lacked the authority to pass these mandates;

  • The mandates are preempted by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s comprehensive regulatory scheme concerning infectious diseases, including its school immunization requirements; and

  • The mandates violate parents’ right to due process and their natural rights under the Massachusetts Constitution, because they violate their rights to make healthcare decisions for their children and otherwise direct the care and upbringing of their children.

For more information, please read the full vaccine mandate complaint (PDF).

A Cambridge Family’s Story

A Cambridge mother who wishes to remain anonymous spoke with us about the impact on her kids.

One of them has been involved in sports since kindergarten but can no longer participate. He is also shut out of an arts-based extracurricular activity that aligns with his interests and talents.

“Because he can’t do afterschool, he can’t build on things he learned during the day. He can’t hang out with likeminded peers,” she said.
Her kids run around at gym class but can’t stay after school and do the same thing. “How stupid is that? It just seems like punitive measures. You’re punishing my kids.”

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