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Help Us Fight the Cruel Vaccine Mandates in Cambridge & Belmont Schools

The fight against cruel and coercive public school covid vaccine mandates in Cambridge and Belmont is heating up.

The Case is Moving Fast Now

We filed against both districts in February 2022, arguing that the districts overreached in their authority. Vaccine requirements are determined at the state level, not by individual school districts—especially for dangerous and ineffective EUA injections.

Judge William M. White, Jr. heard the case on March 9, 2022. He displayed a bias against us from the start and immediately dismissed the complaint, falsely stating that we don't have standing. We filed a motion for reconsideration on that front, which the judge didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to.

We filed an appeal and submitted our brief on September 14 in the Bristol Superior Court.

Belmont and Cambridge filed a response, asking the judge to deny our request for a preliminary injunction on specious grounds, stating the case is likely to fail on its merits; that we don't have standing; and that it’s a moot point in Belmont.

We have a few weeks to file our response, and we will not give up the fight!

Belmont Public School District Tries to Evade Responsibility

We know of at least one serious vaccine injury in Belmont, but of course the district wants no accountability. They paused the mandate in April and suspended it in August. Our lawsuit was mentioned as a contributing factor in the suspension.

Belmont claims our lawsuit is “moot,” although school committee members discussed reinstating it if ever needed.

Cambridge Public School District Digs Its Heels In

CPSD is, to our knowledge, the only school district in Massachusetts with a COVID vaccine mandate requirement for extracurriculars. Even New York City dropped this mandate. The health tyrants at CPSD will not back down despite a lawsuit, dozens of parent complaints, at least one serious adverse event, and even a protest in which a brave supporter was put in handcuffs by the Cambridge Police with haughty superintendent Victoria Greer ignoring parents.

The administration did inexplicably lift the booster mandate, so now “just” the first two shots are required. Why? Some kind of special Cambridge #science, probably.

We Need Your Help!

More accurately, the children of Massachusetts need your help to protect their rights, which have been trampled on. School children in Massachusetts still face more restrictions than almost anyone, despite the COVID “emergency” being long over.

We need $5,000 to keep the vaccine lawsuit fight going. Please donate anything you can to the Cambridge or Belmont vaccine fund. Contributions are secure and tax deductible.

Sign up for our email newsletter on our website homepage and share, share, share! We must not let the tyrants operate under cover of darkness.

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