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Massachusetts Mask Mandate - Lawsuit Update

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

On September 20th we filed our complaints against the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), 14 school districts, and the City of Cambridge.

On September 19th The Family Freedom Endeavor organization filed a lawsuit against DESE for their illegal mask mandate. Approximately one week later, Attorney Fojo filed two more mask mandate lawsuits against Massachusetts school districts, one of the lawsuits representing the Citizens for Medical Freedom group.

Soon after, DESE filed an emergency motion seeking consolidation of the cases in the interests of judicial economy and to avoid duplicative and/or conflicting rulings. They also argue the cases seek the same relief, namely, a declaration that DESE lacks authority to impose a mask mandate in Massachusetts public schools and an injunction against DESE’s enforcement of the mandate.

On October 5th there was a hearing to argue the consolidation in front of Judge Hodge of the Hampden Superior Court. On October 12th Judge Hodge ruled in favor of consolidation. All cases will now be heard in front of Judge Hodge in the Hampden County Superior Court on October 26th at 2pm.

We encourage parents to display their support by showing up and attending the hearing in person!


50 State Street, Springfield, MA

Due to COVID restrictions, a limited amount of people will be allowed in the courtroom. We recommend arriving early if you wish to be admitted in the courtroom. Masks are mandatory to enter the building, if you cannot wear a mask (have an exemption) please contact the courthouse directly and request accommodation.

The fight doesn't stop with unlawful mask mandates. We are looking to fight the cruel and illegal COVID-19 vaccine mandates that are beginning to hit our K-12 schools. Please consider donating to help support our legal fees. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization run by parent volunteers. Your donation is tax deductible and all donations go directly to supporting our lawsuits and general organization expenses.

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