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Our Response to the Cambridge & Belmont Public School Health Tyrants

On November 4, 2022, Children’s Health Rights of Massachusetts filed a reply brief to the Cambridge and Belmont Public School’s fallacious attempt to thwart a preliminary injunction against covid vaccine mandates in the districts.

CHRM again makes the strong case that:

  1. Our members do indeed have the standing to pursue a declaratory judgment. The existence of medical or religious exemptions don’t change that. “Contrary to the Districts’ assertions, the possibility of obtaining an exemption from an illegal rule does not transform an illegal rule into a legal rule.”

  2. CHRM’s action is not moot, Belmont’s revocation of their injection mandate notwithstanding. Belmont makes the weak argument that because they suspended their mandate, the case no longer has merit. Yet according to their school committee minutes, they don’t want to “lose the policy, in case it is needed in the future.”

  3. CHRM has indeed established a likelihood of success for this case on its merits. Our arguments are the same: School committees do not have the authority to set student vaccine mandates. Courts are beginning to set good precedent on this overreach, even in California, where an appellate court just affirmed the strike-down of San Diego School District’s covid shot mandate.

Since the districts’ mandates are arbitrary, unconstitutional, and interfere with parents’ rights to direct the care and upbringing of their children, CHRM petitions an overturn of the Superior Court’s Order denying our request for injunctive relief.

With all briefs and responses filed, we now await an oral argument court date to be scheduled. We will post the date, time and location once it has been set.

Stand Up for Our Children!

Parents and concerned citizens, never stop fighting to protect the children from state tyranny. It’s easy to help, here’s how:

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