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Update: Appeal Hearings for School Mask & Vax Mandates February 8 & March 2

Updated: Feb 27

Appeal hearings for the Massachusetts public school mandates cases are coming up, and we need your support.

Dates, times and location:

**UPDATED FEB 27** Oral arguments for our school vaccine lawsuit against Cambridge and Belmont Public School districts has been scheduled for Thursday, March 2nd at 2pm.

Oral arguments for our school mask lawsuit against 14 school districts is scheduled for February 8th at approximately 9:30am.

The hearings will take place in front of a three Judge panel at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston, on the third floor, in courtroom four.

Signs will be posted in the Courthouse with the courtroom location details. You can also keep an eye on the Appeals Court calendar for time updates which can be found on the Court's website:

Live stream of the oral arguments may be broadcasted on the John Adams Courthouse YouTube channel:

What's a Stake?

In both cases, we are asking the appeals court for injunctive relief—namely, to bar school districts and DESE from imposing unscientific and harmful mandates on children.

We expect the three judge panel at the appeals level to uphold the law and the Constitutional rights of parents in Massachusetts.

How You Can Help

  • Attend the hearings in person.

  • Share this everywhere! Health tyrants like to operate in the dark.

  • Sign up for our newsletter for updates (the form is on our homepage)

  • Please make a donation to support our ever growing legal fees. Your donations are secure and tax-deductible.

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