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We need your help - Mask Lawsuit Update

We've been working hard over the past 6 months preparing our mask lawsuit appeal to be heard in front of a 3 judge panel.

We filed our appellant brief on August 1st, which you can read here. The defendants have until October 21st to file their response to our brief. We then have 14 days to review and file our final response to the defendants. An oral argument in front of the 3 judge panel will be scheduled once our final response has been filed.

This process has been a long road, and the legal fees have been adding up. In order for us to get through this last leg of this appeal process, our parents involved in this lawsuit need your help to support funding our final response and the oral argument.

We are looking to raise $5,000 to get us through the appeals process. Any donation you can make will go directly to legal fees and will be greatly appreciated. If we do not raise enough funds to cover our legal fees, then our lawsuit will be dead in the water.

You may donate directly to the individual town/district fund to support their portion of the lawsuit or you may donate to our general fund which will help support parents in districts who may not be able to raise enough money.

We continue to pursue a favorable ruling because we believe the school districts and DESE do not have the statutory authority to mandate medical devices (masks) and it infringes on the rights of parents to make health decisions for their children.

As time goes on, we continue to see the repercussions and devastation lockdowns and mandates have had on our children. Our mission is to uphold the health rights of children and ensure these nonsensical mandates cannot be implemented again.

Please share our donation page with parent groups, friends and families. The parents involved in our lawsuit and this organization appreciate all your support. You are all heroes.

Link to donation page:

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